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    Monthly Archives: June 2012

    SummerDaze 2012 is here…

    summerDaze2012pic-mA new edition of Summer Daze for 2012 is now available online from the Borough. Packed full of holiday activities, this Olympic Special Edition also features over 50 schools open for fun in the summer of 2012.

    You can view, print or download a copy of this booklet here. (.pdf file)

    You can read about how children can take part in the Going for Gold Challenge, as part of the Schools Open for Summer programme in Waltham Forest.

    As well as a directory of activities by age group, there is also a great section on gettting around during The Olympics.

    LBWF have a web page where you can read more about Summer Daze, as well as whats going on in local libraries, parks and the arts in Waltham Forest. You can read more here…

    Summer Daze is always a great read for parents and carers, but it’s got lots more this year to find out about. Happy summer break!

    The Tour de Waltham Forest

    tour-de-wf-logoSunday, June 17th 2012, is the occasion for another Tour de Waltham Forest cycling event in the Borough.

    Starting in the Town Square at 10.00am, you and your bike can get cycling around a range of circuits – all assessed for level of difficulty and length of cycle ride.

    This Bike Week event is supported Cycle Magic, who supply all types of bikes, Dr. Bike – who will check your bike over, as well as a range of other bike interested services.

    You can download your borough cycle map here. (.pdf)

    To take part in this free event, just turn up, register and get started biking on your chosen route.

    Get your bikes out this weekend in Waltham Forest.